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dr. Stephen Kunz, DC


Dr. Stephen Kunz, DC graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2020, beginning his journey to help as many people as possible live healthier, pain-free lives. He is ready to meet your wellness needs with the most cutting edge and results driven approach to chiropractic.

During chiropractic college, Dr. Kunz volunteered his time to a free-clinic, assisting underprivileged individuals receive chiropractic care; his focus is on your wellness and your results. In and out of class, Dr. Kunz engaged in leadership opportunities, joining groups and clubs to oversee important decisions and resolve issues to better class experience and learning.

Dr. Kunz spent many hours furthering his education after chiropractic college, traveling to be mentored by renowned chiropractors worldwide, intentionally gaining knowledge and wisdom from the greats to bring you the best care possible. Dr. Kunz was also mentored by some of the few chiropractors alive today who were mentored directly by Gonstead himself. 

With knowledge, competency, experience, ambition, and a focus on results, Dr. Kunz is dedicated to helping people improve their health and wellness through chiropractic care. With proper lifestyle changes, nutrition, and chiropractic care, he strives to make a lasting difference in his patients' lives.

Outside the office, Dr. Kunz loves spending time with his family, playing with his baby boy. He enjoys lifting weights, running, and swimming, as well as spending time outdoors...especially with an axe and chainsaw. 

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