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At-home resources

Boosting Your Progress

More At Home PDFs coming soon! If there are specific guides you would like please let us know!


Free at home pdfs

Click the boxes to download PDFs that Dr. Kunz sends home with patients to give them at home resources to help hold their adjustments. 


YouTube at home stretches

Videos of Dr. Kunz demonstrating stretches that will help you at home!

Click here for the YouTube Playlist with all videos


Adjustment voice overs

Videos where Dr. Kunz walks you through an appointment with patient visits. He talks about his thoughts and why he makes different choices. 

YouTube playlist with all the voice overs


YouTube cracking videos

If you like videos with all the cracking sounds this is for you! Dr. Kunz posts videos as shorts on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  

Click here for the YouTube Playlist with all the cracking videos!
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