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Why are we passionate about helping people get out of pain? Why do we want to do chiropractic different? 

It started when Dr. Kunz was younger.  He was playing football and got hit wrong and broke his knee. Then a couple years later he was on a band trip.  The bus driver fell asleep while driving the bus on the interstate and rolled the bus into the ditch.  From that accident, Dr. Kunz broke a few ribs. 


The broken bones healed with time, but the effects of the injuries kept getting worse with time.  Eventually, he wasn't able to walk up stairs because of the pain in his knee.  He had a hard time breathing from the pain and tightness in his back and ribs.  Then while in college, he got really sick and lost 40 pounds in two and a half months.

Dr. Kunz was in and out of the hospital for months seeing quite a few medical doctors. They all told him that everything looked fine and that he is healthy.  He was mad and felt like nothing was going to help. He was ready to give up. 

He decided to go to a different chiropractor than his normal one to hopefully get some relief from his pain.  This chiropractor adjusted him and worked on a lot of his sore and stiff muscles. This chiropractor was different from how he adjusted, how detailed he was, and that he treated his patients like people and not just a number.  


When Dr. Kunz went home after his first visit, he started getting his appetite back. Then over the next couple weeks and months he started gaining his weight back and was able to start working out again. 

Dr. Kunz is passionate about trying to help others through chiropractic because of how he was helped and wanted to give back to others.  He enjoys being very detailed in how he adjusts because he had been going to chiropractors his whole life, but only one chiropractor had been able to help him through his pain and sickness.  And Dr. Kunz would love to share that with others. 

If you are looking for a change in your chiropractor, never been to a chiropractor, or haven't been in a while, then we would love to help you. Nobody likes being treated like a number. Specific care designed for you is what we do!


Dr. Kunz is now accepting new patients! 

Call or text (417) 988-3677 today for appointments.  

Or fill out the form on this page right now if you would prefer us to reach out to you to get an appointment!

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